TV Hire with Delta Rentals – Flexible Periods & Great Rates

Written by Delta Computers on April 15, 2015


Delta has been doing TV Rentals and Hire for the longest period of time! There is no one better than Delta at providing TVs for your rental needs whether it be for a weekend, a week, a month or even a year. We are able to fully appreciate each and every individual’s circumstances and create a package to suit you. 

At Delta we are able to give rates for any sort of period that you require. This makes us unique as there is not another company with a product range as large as ours that will offer this. If you are having all of your mates over to watch the footy and need a TV, we can help out. If you are a small Cafe who wants to show the game live, we can help out. Hiring a TV in Perth is simple with us and it makes sense for a wide range of people and organisations. We have had conventions hire a TV from us, we have had shops hire TVs from us as displays at their events and we have even had people hire TVs from us to be used in filming commercials! So as you can see, everybody trusts Delta with their TV hire needs and with good reason! We have been doing this for over 10 years! 

Our range of TVs is massive as well. We have anything you could ever need from the 32″ smaller size TVs all the way up to the gigantic 70″ TVs that are smart, 3D and ultra high definition. We even have some curved models available!  There is a TV here to suit everyone. Whether it is going up in the living room or in the main hall of an exhibition centre!

Our newest addition to our stock is this impressive, mobile and stylish TV Stand which is absolutely perfect for anyone who is using the TV as a display at events! It is available to hire or rent alongside our TVs. With a shelf for a DVD player or speakers etc, wheels for mobility and the ability to adjust the height to suit your needs this stand is purpose built to be practical for all uses. You can also adjust the tilt on the displayed TV as well!

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