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At Delta, we do short term hire of so many different items. No matter if you need the item for one day, a week or 6 months, we can help you out. You tell us what period you need and we can organise a customised hire package for you that suits your needs perfectly. Any length of time is possible for many of our hire items. The hiring process is simple, easy and affordable. Sometimes a short term hire just makes sense. We have home users, business people and indeed companies themselves that hire TVs, Desktop Computers and laptops from us. At Delta, we are your one stop shop for short term hire solutions, we can tailor make a hire package just for you to ensure you get exactly what you need.



So what is the difference between hire and rental?

Hire is a short term option that does not include an option to purchase at the end of the period. This is purely to use equipment for a set period and then either return it, or continue hiring     for a longer term. Hiring is popular for businesses that have a short term requirement but have no further use for the item after that period.

Renting on the other hand is a longer term option. At Delta our typical rental period is 24 months, after which you have the option to return the equipment, upgrade or purchase the equipment for a set price determined at the start of your rental agreement. Renting from Delta is beneficial to people and businesses that would like to spread the cost of an item over a period of time and own it in the end. Our Rent to own plans include an extended warranty over the rental period, service from our team of full time technicians and free set up and delivery. Rent then buy is a great option for start-up businesses, students, families and many more.

We have had many occasions where people need to hire a TV short term. People choose Delta for their hire solutions because we can where others can’t. Delta is one of the only places in Perth that offers such flexible hire period and a team of support staff to stand behind the product. That’s right; we have a team of technical experts that will understand exactly what you want and exactly how you want it set up. This is one of the many benefits to choosing Delta, just another part of the red carpet service you receive with us.

We’ve had people hire a TV from us for many different reasons. Sometimes it is due to a TV breakdown at home, sometimes it is to watch a sporting event like the Melbourne Cup or the AFL Grand final and sometimes it is for an expo or display at a presentation. We often hire TVs to small businesses for special events. We’ve had all different reasons for hiring a TV but everyone has one thing in common, they love the product and the service that Delta provides. We have smaller 32” Full HD LED LCD TVs all the way up to the 60” Full HD Smart & 3D LED LCD TVs. There is a TV to suit everyone’s requirements. It all depends on what you need it for, so just give us a call and we can sort out the best possible solution for you.

Delta has also done countless laptop hires. As with the TV Hire, customers hire laptops for so many different reasons. Whether you need to hire a notebook just for a few weeks so you can use a particular program or whether you are a small business that needs an office full of laptops for a 6 month period during a busy period, Delta has the short term solution for you. Laptop hire is one of Delta’s strongest areas of expertise. Our team of technicians can set up your laptop exactly the way you need it with all the latest updates and all latest versions of the required programs. We are frequently used by clients who need laptops for expos and other large scale events. We have done single laptops, all the way up to 20+, however anything is possible due to our flexibility.

We also hire desktop PCs out all the time. Delta is extremely proficient at computer hire. We custom build all of our desktop computers and do a very high volume meaning we always have different models available for hire. We will have your basic entry level computer that is perfect for internet, emails and general word processing up to your high end systems that require greater amounts of RAM, faster hard drives, better graphics cards and more powerful processors to tackle gaming or 3D design. Delta has your Desktop computer hire needs completely covered. If you need a desktop computer for a period of time from 1 week all the way up to 6 months, Delta has the hire option to suit you.

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On many occasions we also get requests for tablet hire. These days tablets are extremely useful, whether it’s an iPad or one of the very many android tablets on the market. These are ideal for web browsing, emails and displaying content. We have provided tablet hire for exhibitions and to many companies as well as individuals.

Choose Delta Computers for all your TV hire, Laptop Hire, Desktop PC Hire and Tablet Hire needs!