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At Delta we hire the largest range of TVs you could possibly imagine. Rent then Buy on 70″ 65″ 60″ 55″ 50″ all Brand New. Featuring Smart, 3D, Ultra HD, the choice is yours. We have the biggest range of Brand New TVs for Rental all at great weekly rates on our Rent then Buy 24 month plans. We can also offer Short Term Hire. 

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Samsung UA55H7000

Delta Rentals is your one stop shop for Television hire. Don’t settle for that generic no name brand TV that other rental companies offer, don’t settle for buying an inferior TV that you won’t be happy with. Come into our store and let our expert, friendly staff help you out and get you what you really deserve. We rent major, trusted brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony.

We have had many short term TV hires in the past and it is a very simple and affordable way to meet your immediate needs. Frequently we get local small businesses needing TV Hire. Mainly for big sporting events that are a must watch for their customers. This often includes the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup. Cafes and other Restaurants love the fact that they can hire a TV for the weekend’s game and Delta come to their door to deliver it. We set the TV up in the spot you would like and then when it comes time to pick it up again, we take care of all that work as well. It’s a full service that Delta offers and it packs some great value.

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On the other hand if you needed a long term rental option, check out our TV rentals page. We do rent to own on brand new TVs. This involves an affordable weekly rate and an option to purchase at the end of the 24 month rental period. You get full warranty over the period plus the option to upgrade if your needs change! Have a look at our page here

For more information about TV rentals in Perth, contact Delta Rentals on 9316 9310