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These days there are so many reasons to hire a tablet. They make perfect sense for business and for home users. We have provided tablet hire on so many occasions and nearly all occasions are different. Tablets are so versatile and recently have become almost as powerful as some laptops so the applications for them are endless. Whether you just want to check your emails and browse the web, or use image editing programs on photos you have just taken, tablets are the mobile solution. There are countless different types of tablets out there, the most popular being the Apple iPad. Delta does ipad hire fairly regularly but we also do ,many other tablets such as the Microsoft Surface and the Samsung Galaxy range along with the new Kids Tablets!

tablet hire

We have had businesses request to hire 10 tablets at once, and we have also had the opposite where we have had a customer come in and want to hire a tablet simply for some web browsing while away from home. It often makes very good sense to hire a tablet. They are cost effective and very capable.

It’s almost a must have item for every household now, so if you are interested in owning a tablet rather than hiring one short term, you should have a look at our Tablet Rentals page! Delta does Tablets on rent to own plans over 24 months with an option to purchase at the end. This is very popular with our customers. So if you were interested in Tablet Rentals check out our web page here