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9A/890 Canning Hwy. Applecross WA 6153

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9A/890 Canning Hwy. Applecross WA 6153

Great Service, Honest Advice, Trusted Reputation.

Delta has been renting the largest range of brand new technology for the last 22 years. In fact, we were renting computers before the internet existed. We used to mail quotes out in the post!

We’ve got 5 full time technicians and many admin staff ready to take your call straight away, or reply to your email promptly.

Getting everything organised is very simple, easy and pain-free! It takes just 4 minutes over the phone. 

We guarantee we’ll answer the phone every time! You’ll love the service, like thousands of other West Australians. 


Who we Rent to

Delta’s Rent then Buy Plans are perfect for Companies, Business Customers, Students, Pensioners, Families, Couples and absolutely everyone in-between! 

We’ve rented to Companies with hundred of employees, all the way to Mum & Dad who simply need a MacBook for their Kid’s Schooling. Rent then Buy is a solution for everyone, no matter who you are. We’ve rented all over WA with customers from Broome to Esperance! 

We’ve been the solution for so many different groups of people since 1996. 

We do rent then buy over 24 months and we also do short term rentals. Whether you want to rent with the intention of buying over long term, or you just wish to hire for a shorter term, the choice is yours.

With our flexible payment options the choice is in your hands. Direct Debit, Eftops, Credit Card, Cash and even Centrepay, there will be a method that suits you.

With our rentals all software and networking is taken care of for you. We also offer free delivery and installation to save you the trouble.

Hire or Rent then buy, Delta is your first choice option!

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