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22 Years of Custom PCs on Rent then Buy

We’ve been in business since 1996 building computers, so that means we’ve got a heck of a lot of experience. Our 5 Original staff members are all still here too, that’s unparalleled technical experience you get when you go through Delta. Our Custom Built Gaming PCs for Rent then Buy are painstakingly designed and planned, then meticulously built in our Applecross Shop. The key to our build quality is the careful preparation and design process, coupled with years of experience knowing what works and what doesn’t. That’s why each and every one of our Custom Built Gaming Computers come with a full 2 year parts and labour warranty while you Rent. So that’s some supreme confidence you can have in the system. Any hardware faults are 100% covered by us. That’s why we only use name brands that are tried and tested over time. If you think about it – we want as little warranty repairs as possible – so it pays to get it done right the first time with a name brand that wont fail! 

PC Gaming Packages on Rent then Buy

So we’ve laid out 2 main packages for our Gaming PCs at the moment. These offer two very different price-points but also performance levels. This is designed to offer our customers a choice on how high end they need their Brand New Gaming Package to be. We understand that each customer’s requirements is likely to be different – so these two types of setup cater for that. Gamer “A” might want to play CS:GO or DOTA 2 and is pretty budget conscious, whereas Gamer “B” wants to play the latest Battlefield title at Max Settings with 60FPS and doesn’t mind spending a bit more to get that extra performance. The two cases I just mentioned are prime candidates for our Elite Gaming PC Package for Gamer “A” and the Ultimate Gaming PC Package for Gamer “B”. 

Today we’ll be exploring the Ultimate Gaming PC Package on our Rent then Buy Plan.

The below is what we typically put in our Ultimate Gaming PC Builds as of 10/03/18*.  

Ultimate Gaming PC Package:

Rental Price – $37.20 per week over 24 months with a $120 option to buy at the end. 

This package has been designed with the modern gamer in mind. It’s the ideal type of full package to tackle the latest titles – we’re talking PUBG, Fortnite, Battlefront 2, Farcry 5, Diablo 3, Rainbow Six, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, Farming Simulator 2017, GTA, Rainbow Six, Forza 7 etc. etc. (the list goes on!). Plus this type of system is going to give you truly exceptional performance on all the classics like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Counter Strike, Rocket League, Rust, ARK, Minecraft and much more. 

The specs on this system are aimed to hit an average of 60FPS on Max Settings for most Games at Full High Definition. Obviously this number will vary depending on numerous factors, for example how well the game is developed (we’re looking at you PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!!). 

The graph below shows the average frame rate achieved during testing for a few games.  This was tested on a rig with specs very similar to what’s on offer in our Ultimate Gaming PCs. As you can see, the GTX 1060 is very well optimised for 1080p gaming. We class 60FPS as ideal, and 30FPS as the minimum acceptable FPS with anything over 60FPS classed as exceptionally good. 

So What’s in our Ultimate Gaming PC Packages?

Brand New ATX Gaming Case from our Performance Series Cases:
Inwin 303 White, Corsair Carbide Spec 04 Red, Corsair Carbide Spec 04 Yellow, Corsair Carbide Spec 04 Grey, Deepcool EarlKase, Corsair Carbide Spec-OMEGA RED, Aerocool P7-C0.

These choices of gaming case offer a wide variety of styles, colours and features. There’s sure to be one that takes your fancy!

Intel Core i7 8700 3.2GHz (up to 4.6GHz) Coffee Lake 12MB CPU

With faster, intelligent, multi-core technology that applies processing power where it’s needed most, Intel Core i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in PC performance. You’ll multitask applications faster and unleash incredible digital media creation. And you’ll experience maximum performance for everything you do.Intel Core i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in quad-core performance and feature the latest innovations in processor technologies.

16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM 2400MHz (Black)

We’ve been dealing with Corsair for their RAM for a long time now! We rate them extremely highly for value for money and performance, not to mention the reliability as well. 8GB of RAM is the ideal amount for most basic Gaming and will comfortably handle the demands of most games. Vengeance LPX memory is designed for high-performance. The heatspreader is made of pure aluminium for faster heat dissipation, and the eight-layer PCB helps manage heat and provides superior overclocking headroom. Each IC is individually screened for performance potential.

Graphics Card:
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 3GB Graphics Card

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 3GB G1 Gaming Graphics Card is one of Nvidia’s best. Based on the Pascal architecture, the GTX 1060 G1 GAMING steps up further with Super Overclocked GPU, the signature WINDFORCE technology, and RGB Illumination, making G1 GAMING a winning formula for gamers who seek superior cooling and overclocking performances for next-gen gaming.

Storage 1:
SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB

SanDisk, a pioneer in solid state storage technologies and the brand pros trust, delivers improved speed and performance with the SanDisk SSD Plus. We find 240GB to be an ideal size to load Windows 10, your most used programs and your favourite games. With sequential read speeds of up to 535MB/, this solid state drive performs up to 20X faster than a typical hard disk drive. You’ll appreciate faster startups, shutdowns, data transfers, and application response times than with a hard disk drive. The SanDisk SSD Plus also offers quiet, reliable performance, and dashboard status monitoring for your favourite media applications. 

Storage 2:
Western Digital Blue 2TB 3.5″ Hard Drive

2TB is absolutely heaps of storage for all your music, movies and photos plus anything else you might need. We find this the perfect secondary drive to offer a huge capacity and great reliability as well. The Western Digital brand is well known and one of the most popular choices for hard drives. 

Power Supply:
Corsair 550W CX 80+ Bronze 120mm Power Supply Unit

CX Series is built and tested to strict standards for trouble-free installation and smooth operation. The 80 PLUS Bronze certified efficiency and clever fan design allow for little or no detectable fan noise during regular operation. The matte black finish, black-sleeved cables and black connectors help give your system a restrained, high-tech look. Every Corsair power supply is designed by our California engineering team and built to our exact specifications. The same care that goes into the design and testing of our renowned high-power enthusiast power supplies also goes into the CX Series, because you need confidence and reliability regardless of your build budget.

Gigabyte H370-HD3 LGA1151-CL ATX Desktop Motherboard

Intel H370 Ultra Durable motherboard with USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A & USB3.1 Gen1 Type-C, Intel GbE LAN with cFosSpeed, Dual M.2, 7 colors RGB LED strips support, Intel CNVi WIFI upgradable slot, Smart Fan 5, CEC 2019, DualBIOS™, Anti-Sulfur Resistor

  • Supports 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4
  • New Hybrid Digital PWM Design
  • Intel® CNVi 802.11ac Wave2 2T2R WIFI upgradable
  • High Quality Audio Capacitors and Audio Noise Guard with LED Trace Path Lighting
  • Dual Ultra-Fast M.2 with PCIe Gen3 X4/X2 & SATA interface
  • RGB FUSION supports RGB LED strips in 7 colors
  • Intel® Native USB 3.1 Gen2 USB Type-A
  • Intel® USB 3.1 Gen1 USB Type-C™
  • Intel® GbE LAN with cFosSpeed Internet Accelerator Software
  • CEC 2019 Ready, Save the Power as Easy as One Click
  • Smart Fan 5 features Multiple Temperature Sensors and Hybrid Fan Headers with FAN STOP
  • Anti-Sulfur Resistors Design
  • Ultra Durable™ 25KV ESD and 15KV Surge LAN Protection
  • Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready
  • Lightning-Fast Intel® Thunderbolt™ 3 AIC Support

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition

Is there any other choice really for regular PC users? Microsoft Windows 10 Home is the very latest from Microsoft. We do all the available service packs and updates for you as well, so the system is 100% ready to go when you get home. You know that everything is set up correctly and that you’ll have a trouble free time with it!

BenQ Zowie 24″ Full HD Gaming Monitor RL2455

Gaming accessories are becoming more and more tailored toward competitive gamers, and gaming monitors are no exception. BenQ’s RL2455HM is built primarily to give real-time strategy players an edge, offering two distinct display modes meant to make it easy to spot your characters amidst the chaos of games like StarCraft II and Dota 2. Fortunately, the 24-inch RL2455HM serves its purpose and then some, with a crisp, responsive 1080p screen that makes any type of game look good. It’s 1ms Response Rate GTG is exceptional and will make motion look extremely clear. Coupled with a 60Hz Refresh Rate, this makes 60FPS look buttery smooth on this display. 

Logitech Z213 Compact PC Stereo PC Speaker System

These Desktop Speakers pack a punch for their size! The best value for money option in the sound game. This compact 2.1 speaker system delivers clear audio and enhanced bass via a 3.5mm connection. Easily access power, volume and the headphone jack using the wired control pod. Enjoy a full audio experience in a small form factor.Easily access power, volume and the headphone jack using the wired control pod. Customise your listening experience by adjusting the bass level with the dedicated control knob on the back of the sub-woofer.

Keyboard and Mouse Combo:
Cooler Master Devastator 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

The Devastator 3 RGB Combo is the next generation of our popular gaming set. Featuring adjustable DPI up to 2400 and tactile keys for improved feedback, this is ideal for PC enthusiasts. And now with 7 different LED color options, you can customize your peripherals to match your hardware. The Devastator 3 Combo is designed to be comfortable to use in all circumstances. The mouse is ergonomically pleasing, with an ultralow flat profile for convenience and a large mouse wheel for ease of use. The keyboard also features an ultralow profile for decreased strain, while antislide rubber pads underneath prevent slippage during heated battles. The Devastator 3 keyboard features custom membrane switches for elegance and functionality. Membrane switches allow for a sleek look, while our custom design improves durability and tactile feedback for superior accuracy. The mouse and keyboard in the Devastator 3 Combo are RGB capable, with seven different backlight options to choose from. Personalize your setup with custom color pairings to mix and match to your other PC accessories. And if you ever want to switch colors, it’s as easy as a press of the Fn button.

*The parts shown here are in no way guaranteed to end up in your build – sometimes we use different brands and models depending on availability and value. What we do guarantee is that no build will be of lower quality to the one shown above. Any part listed above is interchangeable with a similarly spec’d part that offers better value, quality or performance. This is done on the sole discretion of the Delta Computers team. Of course you can always specify brands or models you would like to be incorporated but costs may vary. 

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