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Written by Delta Computers on November 15, 2016

PS4 Pro with VR Headset Bundle – Rent then Buy

So what have we put together for you? Everything you need to get started! If you still haven’t upgraded to the “next gen” consoles, this is the best time to do so! Or if you are considering an addition to your living room, this is the moment you have been waiting for. The VR Headset will change your life!

The Bundle we have put together for you includes the following:

1. PS4 Pro 1 TB Console
2. PS4 Dualshock Wireless Controller
3. PS Camera
4. PS Virtual Reality Headset
5. VR Worlds Game

The price for the bundle on our 2 year Rent then Buy Plan is $25 / wk with a $90 option to buy at the end. 

Incredible value to get you into the VR Wolrd! To send us through an enquiry – Click Here


Virtual Reality Gaming is at Delta Rentals

At Delta we’ve been working hard to put together a bundle that is going to blow you away! This Virtual Reality Bundle is going to absolutely immerse you in a Virtual Reality World like you have never experienced before. It’s seriously impressive and a lot of fun! The Demo in store has been busy as, with people young and old giving it a go and being amazed by what Sony have created! If you’re curious, pop in to Delta and give it a shot! We’ve got it set up and waiting to surprise you. 


PS VR Headset

Immerse yourself in extraordinary new worlds, put yourself at the centre of an incredible gaming universe and experience a new way to play with PlayStation VR. 

5.7” OLED screen – See hyper-real 3D environments come to life with a custom OLED screen.
360 degree vision – Whichever way you turn the 360 degree immersion of PS VR makes you part of a living, breathing world with a seamless field of view.
120 frames per second – Smooth visuals and super low latency combine to create an incredibly immersive gaming world.
3D audio – Discover a new dimension in sound with cutting-edge 3D audio that lets you accurately perceive the direction and distance of sounds that are coming from above, below and all around you.
Built in mic – Chat to your online friends, discuss in-game tactics and strengthen your immersion in the virtual world with the headset’s integrated microphone. 


Play in new worlds! From high-octane future sports of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League to diving in shark-infested seas with PlayStation VR Worlds, driving incredible supercars in Driveclub VR or the white-knuckle terror of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and many more, new realities are waiting for everyone.


Games explode into life with intense graphics and incredibly lifelike details thanks to double the GPU power under the hood compared to the standard PS4. Action becomes faster, smoother and more explosive with crystal-clear movement from faster and more stable frame rates. Play the latest games in amazing clarity with dynamic 4K Upscaling; skin tones become warmer, materials take on realistic textures and environments come alive like never before. With a HDR TV, PS4 games deliver stunningly vibrant and more lifelike colours, bringing your adventures to life with unbelievable vibrancy. 

Now is the time for VR Gaming – VR Worlds

I personally tried the one we have set up for Demo in store at our Applecross shop and I have to say I was really impressed. Having not tried a Virtual Reality Headset before this was a really awesome experience! The VR Worlds game is a perfect addition for the Bundle as it has a few different experiences in it to show off the VR Headset’s capabilities. 

The VR Worlds Game comes with the following Experiences:

The London Heist

Step into the shoes of an East-end gangster in London’s gritty underworld. Tool up for a dramatic heist, survive a thrilling high-speed getaway and then withstand a brutal interrogation that ends with an impossible choice… 


Ocean Descent

 Dive into an ocean adventure, plunging the depths within a suspended shark cage and marvelling at the incredible marine life as you descend. As you journey, witness amazing sights, discover a lost secret and face extreme danger.


Scavenger’s Odyssey

Board your dynamic all-terrain alien craft and explore a treacherous nebula as you hunt for a highly coveted ancient artefact. Leap canyons, crawl over vast space hulks and fire up your cannons as you battle hostile creatures on your journey towards the mysterious treasure. 


VR Luge

Feel the exhilaration of illegal street racing just inches from the asphalt. Weave in and out of oncoming traffic; avoid hazardous landslides and scrape under big-rig trucks as you speed towards the finish line.


Danger Ball

Enter THE competitive sporting event of the future where victory is everything. Master your skills, destroy your rivals and survive to win the tournament. Win… or be destroyed.


Rent then Buy – PS4 Pro with VR Headset 

So we’ve got to say now is the time to go for that Virtual Reality Experience. Never before has this been so affordable! An all inclusive package at $25 / wk is the perfect way to get into VR Gaming. 

The PS4 Pro is an extremely good console and packs a punch, significantly more than previous version. Games are now being “Enhanced” for the PS4 Pro, so if you don’t have this console you may be missing out! The VR Gaming on this device is only going to get better and better as more game developers get on board and start making content. Who knows where this could end up as it has only JUST been released! 

The Technology is here. The Content is here. The Quality is here….. are you ready?