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Rent then Buy your Brand New Uni Laptop with Delta!

For the past 22 years students all of Perth from UWA, ECU, Curtin, Murdoch and Notre Dame as well as TAFEs all over the State have been using Delta Computers to get their studies on track. The fact is that good computers (and stylish ones) are expensive these days and the terrible cheap ones just don’t cut it. To be honest the cheap ones cause more problems than they solve!

So what’s the solution then? The answer is our famous Rent then Buy plans which allow you to get the equipment you need now and spread the cost out over the 2 year period. Students all over Perth love using this option because it’s easy to manage your cash flow and there are no huge upfront costs. 

What is Rent then Buy?

First and foremost there are no establishment fees, extra charges, monthly fees blah blah blah! We just don’t see why we would need to charge these…so we don’t! 
We make it as absolutely simple as possible. When you get a Brand New Computer on our Rent then Buy plan all you pay is the advertised weekly rate. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s that simple. 
Our Rent then Buy Plans are based on a 24 month rental period with a set option to purchase at the end.
In most cases the price to purchase at the end is $120, but this is product specific so we’ll make it clear to you when you apply. 

The Brand New Technology we’ve features here are the two most popular student choices from the last 3 years. They are just perfect for the student lifestyle. Light, powerful, fast and super portable not to mention stylish.
They both start at just $29 per week over the 2 year Rental Period with a $120 option to buy at the end. 

However these are not the only models we offer. We have the complete Apple Range in stock and available same day. We also have an absolutely massive range of Brand New Windows based PCs from all the major brands like Microsoft, HP, Asus, Toshiba, MSI etc. There’s bound to be one to suit your budget and requirements!

We’re the experts at matching you to your perfect computer here at Delta. 

What are the Benefits of Rent then Buy for Students?

  1. Spread out the Cost! This is a way to spread the cost over the 2 year period rather than giving your bank account a critical hit by dropping a few thousand dollars to buy one outright. 
  2. Manage your Cash Flow! We get it, Uni students are just that. Your job is to study. That’s why are weekly rates are affordable, to suit your budget. 
  3. Heaps of ways to pay! You can pay by Direct Debit, Centrepay, Credit / Debit Card, EFTPOS, Direct Deposit…. the list goes on. 
  4. Flexbile Payment Dates. IF you get paid fortnightly on a Thursday, it makes sense for us to suit your budget and set your payments up fortnightly the day after! We listen to you and work out the best day and frequency that will suit your budget. 
  5. EXTENDED WARRANTY! Over the full 2 years you get full Warranty from Delta on your product. You’re always covered, don’t stress. 
  6. Tech Support! We have a team of 5 full time technicians at Delta to back up the product we put out. 
  7. You Choose! At the end of your rental period, you get to choose what happens. If you want to purchase the Equipment for the $120 you can! Otherwise you can upgrade, return it or continue renting (in which case  the warranty continues too!)

Did we mention that the main benefit for students is that you can get your study done on your Brand New Computer? Imagine all the time you’d save not having to put up with your current old model! Not more tearing your hair out over programs that take days to load, no more crying over lost assignments when the computer crashes mid-way through. 

Who Can Rent then Buy with Delta?

We are open to everyone! We’re able to rent to International Students, Regional Students, local Perth Students and everyone in-between! Even if you have never had credit history before or may have had a problem or two in the past, we’re normally able to organise a solution for you! 

How to go through the process?

Step 1: Either send us an email at or give us a ring on 9316 9310 to get a quote! 
Step 2: Applications are usually done over the phone and take 4 minutes! (email applications also possible if you can’t call us)
It’s all obligation free for you and nice and simple. 
All we need are to process an application are things like full name, date of birth, address, proof of ID (driver’s licence number works best) etc. etc. 
Step 3: Applications are processed in under 45 minutes. That means it takes less than an hour to get you all approved for a Brand New Computer! 
Step 4: Come in store to sign the paperwork and pickup your Brand New Computer! Pick it up the same day as you apply, why wait!

Who are Delta Computers?

We’re a local WA Company established in 1996! Yes that’s right, before the internet was even around. We used to mail out quotes in the post… in an envelope! So over that time we’ve built up a reputation as one of the best companies to deal with, and also one of the most trusted in Perth.

You can check out our Google Listing here (Yes, thats 4.7/5 from 49 reviews!)

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