For Laptop Hire and Notebook Hire in Perth Choose Delta Computers!

Laptop hire is one of our greatest strengths and one of the most common things we do at Delta. The Rent to Buy Plan is what we do, we’re the home of Rent to Buy on Laptops in Perth. So if you want to hire it and then buy it over a 2 year period, we’re the company for you! It’s a really simple arrangement where you hire the laptop for the 24 months and at the end you have the option to purchase it which is usually $120. The Rent to Buy plan we’re famous for has been around since we started way back in 1996!

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We have the widest range of laptops, notebooks and ultra-books so there is always something to suit your requirements. The fact is that Delta are able to cater for everybody’s individual needs unlike other companies that just give you the standard notebook no matter what you are actually using it for.

We recently had a customer that needed a MacBook Pro hire on Rent to Buy for one of the children’s schooling; we set them up with exactly what they needed. We have also have heaps of businesses hire laptop/s for an employee/s. The Rent to Buy plan just makes sense and we normally fit businesses like a hand in glove. No matter who you are or what you need in terms of Laptop hire in Perth – Delta can help you out with our Rent to Buy Plans.

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