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Written by Delta Computers on April 24, 2014

Rent then Buy Custom Built Gaming PCs

Perth’s Best Gaming Rigs for Hire!

Delta Computers and Rentals is your one stop shop for renting gaming computers. No matter what your requirements are or what sort of games you plan to play on your brand new system, just let the friendly and knowledgeable team at Delta build your ultimate machine. The Gaming Computer systems are one of the most popular items that Delta provide to our customers on an easy and affordable rent to own plan. We’ve got the expert Staff that can point you in the right direction. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need some guidance you’ve come to the right place. We can chat with you for days about frame rates, settings, optimising a rig for a certain game etc, we’ve got the know-how! 

When you start assembling the list of what a top of the range computer system may cost you, it makes sense to rent. We understand the Gamer’s need to stay up to date with the very latest and greatest computer components so that you can achieve the maximum performance from your system. That is why one of the options we offer with our rental plan is the option to upgrade either during or after your rental period. What does that actually mean? Well it means that once your rental is completed and you find your system to be a bit old and out of date, you can return it to us, and get a new system on a new rental. Alternatively you may be 18 months into your rental and just find you would like to get the newest and the best because newer models have come out. The choices are entirely yours though.

Should you wish to purchase the system at the end of your rental for the specified price, that is completely up to you. Many of our customers end up choosing this option, it just comes down to personal preference. We find that many of our serious gamers reckon that renting is really the best option for them as they are always up to date with the latest technology. In recent times this has involved either upgrading graphics cards, upgrading RAM or upgrading to Solid State Drives. The other outstanding reason to rent is the full 2 year warranty on your rental equipment!

Building an Ultimate Gaming PC for Rent then Buy

Now to the more interesting things. What’s inside the Gaming Computer? Well at Delta, we custom build each and every one of our gaming computer rentals. They come together in our Applecross Shop by fully trained professional technicians. So really it is up to you. However we find that 90% of our customer like to go for our Ultimate Gaming PC Package. It’s a complete all-inclusive package that gets you everything you need to get gaming. This Ultimate Gaming Package includes:
The latest Intel Core i7 Processor
240GB Solid State Drive
2TB Hard Drive
3GB GTX1060 Graphics Card
ATX Mainboard
550W Power Supply
Perfomance Gaming Case
Microsoft Windows 10.

You also get all your peripherals included:
24″ BenQ Gaming Monitor or 27″ Philips IPS Monitor
Logitech 2.1 Surround Sound Speakers
Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard & Mouse.

The price for this sort of package starts at $37.20 per week over 2 years with a $120 option to buy at the end. 

The great thing about Delta is that we are extremely flexible with how we build the system. If you want to add another monitor, or even two, its been done before. If you would like to change the graphics card to something even more high end (or even go double with SLI), its also no problems. We have built some absolute beast computers over the 18 years we have been operating so there is nothing we haven’t done before. It really makes the possibilities endless on what we can put together.

If you’re interested in building your own system your own way, you should check out our webpage for custom building these beauties! You start off with the Ultimate Gaming PC Package and make changes from there. So if you want to go to 32GB RAM, a GTX1080, 27″ BenQ 144HZ monitor and i7-7700K then just let us know! You can fiddle with upgrades, downgrades, inclusions and exclusions till your hearts content, once you’re happy with it just send it on through to us. Don’t forget our build times can’t be beaten, roughly 3 hours for a full complete build from scratch!

We only use big brand names to give you that high end performance and guaranteed reliability! That’s why we’ve got a full 2 year parts and labour warranty with our Rigs while you rent. So you’ll recognise the names like Gigabyte, MSI, Intel, Microsoft, Seagate, Sandisk, Samsung, Corsair, ASUS and many more. 

We have such a huge range of Gaming Cases in stock to choose from as well. When you want a Brand New Gaming System you want it built with style, your style! We understand so we have so many different styles and models to choose from. We do all the main big name brands like Corsair, MSI, Asus and their Republic of Gamers range, Inwin, Deepcool, Cooler Master, Aerocool, Bitfenix and many more.

If you wanted to check these out on our website, it’s got an up to date webpage that shows our current offerings:

In terms of the cases, there’s 2 basic levels. The “Performance Range” and the “Premium Range”. The performance range come standard for all of our Elite Gaming Systems and Ultimate Gaming Systems. There are so many options to choose from here. If you like a particular colour or style, chances are we have it ready for you!

Now the Premium Range is where it’s at if you’re all about the aesthetics of the build! The Brand New Premium Gaming PC Packages start from $44 per week over 2 years. At the end you can purchase for $150 if you wish. (then you own it) These come with upgraded cooling systems, LED Lights, Upgraded / Themed Parts and special edition case builds. Here’s a few examples of our most recent builds:

With our rental plan it really is as simple as it sounds. Delta Rents Gaming Computers, the best ones in Perth to be exact. 

Just give Delta Computers a call and we can sort out a Gaming Computer rental for you! ( 9316 9310 or

Delta is your expert in Gaming Computer Rentals!