Gaming Computer Rentals Perth

Written by Delta Computers on May 28, 2015

Custom Built Gaming PC – Rent then Buy!

There is no other company out there that can do what Delta can. We have been building PCs for 20 years now. That’s a long, long time, before the internet in fact. So you can imagine what kind of experience the staff have considering many of them have been with the business from it’s beginning. We custom build computers each and every day, there are always builds going on out the back in our workshop. We use all the best parts and build the system to the exact specifications you want. Nothing is off limits with Delta. We can do personalised rent then buy plans for to accommodate for any changes you may want to make to our Gaming PCs. 

Gaming PC Rentals

We start off our base systems with an Intel i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 240GB Solid State Hard Drive & 2TB Hard Drive, 3GB GTX1060 Video Card, 27″ LED Monitor OR 24″ Gaming Monitor, Speakers with SubWoofer OR Gaming Headset, DVD Burner (optional), Illuminated Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Optical Programmable Mouse, ATX Gaming Case, ATX Mainboard, MS Windows 10. The best part is that you get to choose from all the cases above to have your system built in! There are even more than this available and if you have a particular model you are after, no problems!

From there it is completely up to you. You might decide you want dual screens, maybe even 3 screens, we can do it! We can upgrade your graphics card, your hard drive and all manner of things.

Our Gaming Desktop computers will be able to handle anything you want to throw at them from the latest first person shooter games all the way up to Aircraft flying simulators. The point is that we can build the PC of your dreams, to take on whatever challenges you may have. 

We have had nothing but positive reviews from our customers and doubly so with the gaming computers. 

Our Rent then Buy starts from $32.40 per week over 24 months with a $120 option to purchase at the end. Just give delta a call on 9316 9310 or check out the rentals page here

Premium Gaming PC Rental Builds at Delta

Rent then Buy from $47 per week. 
The MSI Black Eyes Red Dragon is an awesome premium build. Featuring a Limited Edition MSI Case with Red LED Lighting, Red Liquid Cooling, Red LED RAM and special MSI Mainboard and MSI 6GB GTX1060 Graphics Card. This is a really sweet build that’s sure to impress.

Rent then Buy from $44 per week. 
A tribute to NVIDIA with a striking Black/Green Theme. Featuring Green Liquid Cooling, Green LED Case lighting, LED RAM and a special limited edition case.  

Rent then Buy from $45 per week. 
Tempered Glass Side and Front Panel on this Mental build! Twin Fan RGB Liquid Cooling Setup with Synced front 3 RGB Fans. This is a premium case and boy is it pretty.

Rent then Buy from $44 per week. 
The LightForce X is maybe the best looking case around! Slick Tempered Glass side panel with 3 RGB Front Fans. Awesome RGB Super Air Cooler RGB RAM and RGB Case Lighting that all syncs up perfectly! If you’re after a FLASHY (literally) system, this is it!

Rent then Buy from $45 per week. 
The Arctic Absolution is an extremely slick design. A White and Blue NZXT Noctis 450 Case is complemented by a special edition MSI Arctic Camo Motherboard, All-White Liquid Cooling, White LED RAM & RGB Case Lighting (seen in white, also looks sweet in blue).  

Rent then Buy from $39.50 per week. 
Are you after a Potable System? A Small build that still has all the power but doesn’t take up the space? This is for you! It’s also got inbuilt wifi! The picture here doesn’t do it justice, check out the case here: