How Do Our Rent then Buy Plans Work!?

Our Rent then Buy Plans are based on 24 month rental periods (or 18 months for Mobile Phones) with an option to purchase at the end. Generally the purchase price will start from $60 for smaller items and for larger more expensive items the price will start from $150. 

Benefits of the Rent then Buy Plan

  1. Extended Parts and Labour warranty for your Rental Period (or as long as you continue to rent).
  2. Basic Tech support provided by Delta’s 5 Full Time Technicians
  3. Immediate and Priority Repairs / exchanges if faults occur – plus loan equipment so you’re not without your item if the repair takes a while
  4. Spreading out the total cost over 24 months lets you pay the system off, rather than having to come up with a huge amount of money upfront.
  5. You have the option to upgrade should your needs change during the rental.
  6. At the end of the Rental you have the options to hand back, upgrade, or buy it for a set price.

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