TV Rentals Perth – Hire / Rent to Own

Written by Delta Computers on March 17, 2017

Footy Season Specials – Freebie Combo!  At Delta Rentals we have the largest range of Brand New high end TVs available on our Rent to Own Plans. All the Big Brands and affordable weekly rates. Any size you want all the way up to a massive 75″ and any features you need including Smart, Curved,…

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Summer Scorcher Special

Written by Delta Computers on November 28, 2016

Huge Savings on this Panasonic UHD 4K Smart TV! When you need to get out of the heat in summer, do it in style while watching this 55″ Ultra High Definition Panasonic Smart TV.  Normally $35 / week, we’ve smashed the price down to $29 / week! This could be our BIGGEST Discount Ever on…

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Delta Rentals Footy Season Super Specials!

Written by Delta Computers on April 1, 2016

Super Deals for the Start of the Footy Season! In honour of the Winter Sports season beginning again for another year Delta is offering some super special deals! Get behind your chosen team with some old fashioned generosity from Delta! Brand New 65″ Full HD TV with BONUS Jersey for your Favourite Team! ( AFL /…

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Delta Rentals New Year 65″ FULL HD TV Special!

Written by Delta Computers on January 5, 2016

For a Limited Time only while stocks last: Brand New 65″ Full HD TV on Rent then Buy for just $26 per week over 24 months with a $120 option to buy at the end! This represents quite frankly, incredible value.  For a TV of this size with a Full High Definition Picture at 1920…

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TV Hire with Delta Rentals – Rent to Own!

Written by Delta Computers on April 15, 2015

TV HIRE – TV RENTALS – Rent to Buy At Delta Rentals we’ve been doing our Rent to Buy Plans since 1996! Since then the TVs have just gotten better and better and we’re keeping up to date with that by offering the best brand new models on our famous Rent to Buy Plans. We’ve…

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Ultra HD Curved TV Rentals Perth

Written by Delta Computers on December 29, 2014

Ultra HD Curved TV Rentals Perth  This is about as good as it can get in a living room TV. This sort of TV is pretty high end, it has all the bells and whistles people expect of the “new age” TVs. It has smart features built in, a thin LED Screen Panel with…

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Ultra High Definition Curved LED TV Rentals with Delta

Written by Delta Computers on December 19, 2014

Our Most Exciting TV Rental Yet!   Delta Rentals offers 55″ ULTRA HD Curved Smart TV I’m sure everyone must have seen those new ads for the curved TVs whilst watching your shows at home. They seem pretty impressive, but are they really as impressive as the Ads make them out to be? The…

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TV Rentals Perth – Delta Rentals

Written by Delta Computers on November 6, 2014

TV Rentals Perth with Delta!  Delta Rentals is your best location to rent a TV in Perth, without a doubt. Our rent to own plans offer value that is just second to none. We also have the largest possible range of TVs for Rent you will see. There is simply no one that does TV Rentals…

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