iMac Rentals – Hire with Delta Computers

Written by Delta Computers on January 6, 2015

Rent to own an iMac with Delta! At Delta we have the largest range of iMac rentals in Perth. There is no doubt that we do the largest volume of iMac Rentals in Western Australia. Our customers love it. They can get the best Desktop Apple has to offer, without having to pay a…

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Computer Rentals Perth – Delta Rentals

Written by Delta Computers on November 6, 2014

Delta Rentals has been doing Computer Rentals in Perth since before the Internet! As the title suggests, Delta Rentals has been around a long time, and with that time comes industry leading experience. Delta does Desktop Computer rentals, Laptop Rentals, Tablet Rentals and much more. We have the perfect solution for each and every customer…

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iMac Rentals / iMac Hire at Delta – Rent to Own

Written by Delta Computers on October 9, 2014

iMac Rentals and iMac Hire at Delta At Delta Rentals one of our most popular items is the flagship Apple Desktop, the iMac. Our iMac Rentals are affordable and offer great value to those who can’t afford the massive cost of buying upfront. We also have many business customers who hire iMacs through us. The…

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MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Rentals at Delta

Written by Delta Computers on June 4, 2014

Delta Rents a huge range of MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs! So now that you have decided to rent an Apple Macbook Pro or an Apple Macbook Air at a sensational weekly rate from Delta Rentals, the only problem is…. which one is the right one for you?? We have the widest range of…

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Delta Computer Rentals

Written by Delta Computers on March 28, 2014

Delta is your one stop shop for Computer Rentals in Perth! When it comes down to it, there is no doubt that Delta Computers and Rentals is by far the best in Western Australia when it comes to renting computers. Whether you judge it by service or by the rental plan itself and the…

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Apple MacBook Rentals

Written by Delta Computers on March 24, 2014

Delta does MacBook Rentals! Rent to own on a brand new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air Why rent an Apple Macbook from us? Apple products are the latest craze. Their popularity is soaring, so it might be time to get a brand new sleek MacBook Air or the stylish MacBook Pro. If you are…

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