Ultimate Gaming Systems now with GTX1060 Graphics

Written by Delta Computers on August 29, 2016

Rent then Buy Custom Gaming PCs – Now with GTX1060! Custom Built Gaming systems on Rent then Buy are Delta’s speciality. We have been custom building the best PC systems in Perth for the last 20 years. When you get this sort of experience working on your system, you know you are getting the absolute…

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Laptop and Notebook Rentals / Hire with Delta Computers

Written by Delta Computers on February 13, 2015

Laptop Rentals in Perth  https://www.deltacomputers.net.au/rent-hire-laptops/ At Delta Rentals we have the best Laptops at the best value prices in Western Australia. We guarantee that you will love not only the product, but the staff and the service as well! Laptop and notebook rentals just make so much sense for so many different people. We have…

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Computer Rentals Perth – Delta Rentals

Written by Delta Computers on November 6, 2014

Delta Rentals has been doing Computer Rentals in Perth since before the Internet! As the title suggests, Delta Rentals has been around a long time, and with that time comes industry leading experience. Delta does Desktop Computer rentals, Laptop Rentals, Tablet Rentals and much more. We have the perfect solution for each and every customer…

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Gaming PC Rentals – Gaming Laptop Rentals

Written by Delta Computers on October 31, 2014

Delta Rentals is your Gaming PC Specialist www.deltacomputers.net.au There is one thing in common with nearly all gamers these days, and that is they want the best system and need the best system. However, if you tried to piece together a computer yourself you may not have the capability to assemble it. Plus let’s be…

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Gaming Laptop Hire – Rent to Own at Delta Rentals!

Written by Delta Computers on July 24, 2014

Gaming Laptop Rentals and Hire at Delta www.deltacomputers.net.au One of THE most requested items from our customers is our Specialist Gaming Laptop. We are the only rental company offering this type of impressive gaming experience in portable laptop form. In fact, Delta Computers and Rentals are the only company offering Gaming Systems (both laptops and…

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Laptop, Ultra-Book & Tablet Rentals!

Written by Delta Computers on May 14, 2014

Delta does Notebook Rentals, Ultrabook Rentals and Tablet rentals! www.deltacomputers.net.au At Delta we rent the widest range possible of laptops you can imagine. Whatever your requirements are, we have the right computer for you. Regardless of if you are a business customer or a home user, the friendly and professional staff at Delta will be able…

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Gaming Computer Rentals – Custom PC Hire Perth

Written by Delta Computers on April 24, 2014

Rent then Buy Custom Built Gaming PCs Perth’s Best Gaming Rigs for Hire! www.deltacomputers.net.au/rent-hire-gaming/ Delta Computers and Rentals is your one stop shop for renting gaming computers. No matter what your requirements are or what sort of games you plan to play on your brand new system, just let the friendly and knowledgeable team at…

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Delta Computer Rentals

Written by Delta Computers on March 28, 2014

Delta is your one stop shop for Computer Rentals in Perth! www.deltacomputers.net.au When it comes down to it, there is no doubt that Delta Computers and Rentals is by far the best in Western Australia when it comes to renting computers. Whether you judge it by service or by the rental plan itself and the…

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