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Business Solutions at Delta

Delta Rentals has been providing complete business solutions for over 20 years now.
We’ve supplied Doctor’s Surgeries, Landscapers, Graphic Designers, Law Firms, Travel Agents and absolutely everyone in-between!

Why? Because Renting makes sense for Business. 

Apple Rentals for Business

Windows / Servers Rentals for Business

Renting from Delta is convenient, easy and flexible to suit your Business. We want to build a long term relationship with your business and watch as you succeed.

Renting lets you put your capital where you need it most. Spread out the cost of equipment over time so it fits your cash-flow and your business. Rental payments are usually 100% tax deductible.

We understand that for many businesses starting up, cash flow is tight, so why purchase expensive systems outright when you can hire them!

Advantages for Business using Delta

There is no huge cash outlay to begin with.
Free installation and complete set-up of networking and software, Delta Rentals are your IT specialists
Full warranty over the rental period so you never have to worry.
There are options available to upgrade or add products during the rental term. So if you need to take your rental term to the next level or simply need more, Delta has you covered.
Complete servicing and support are provided to all our business customers.

Business Services Provided by Delta

• Server installation, setup and maintenance
• Onsite and Remote Cloud Backup
• Help Desk Support – We guarantee we will answer every time!
• Remote Support
• Virtual Private Networks
• Hosted Exchange Setup
• Wired and Wireless Networking
• Super Fast Response to requirements for new equipments, technical issues or system advice


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