Summer Scorcher Special

Written by Delta Computers on November 28, 2016

Huge Savings on this Panasonic UHD 4K Smart TV! When you need to get out of the heat in summer, do it in style while watching this 55″ Ultra High Definition Panasonic Smart TV.  Normally $35 / week, we’ve smashed the price down to $29 / week! This could be our BIGGEST Discount Ever on…

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Camera and iMac Specials! 10% OFF

Written by Delta Computers on November 23, 2016

Be quick and take advantage while stocks last during the Promo Period! We’ve noticed how well iMacs and Cameras go together. It’s a match made in heaven for Photographers and other media producers! SO we thought why not offer a discount on both of them.  For a 1 week promotional period from November 24th to…

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Custom Built Gaming PC Quote Generator

Written by Delta Computers on November 17, 2016

Time to build yourself a Custom Gaming PC! Please Note we are a Local WA Company – We can only deal with customers in Western Australia! The System below is one of our Ultimate Gaming Systems. This is the base to upgrade / downgrade or add / remove components! The standard price for this system…

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Rent then Buy your First DSLR Camera!

Written by Delta Computers on November 16, 2016

DSLR Cameras do take your photography to the next level. The world of these interchangeable lens cameras seems complicated, but don’t worry because it’s easier than ever! Simply anyone can pick up a DSLR and take incredible photos these days and that’s why you need one!  So many Photographers use Delta Rentals for their Camera…

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