Phone Camera Face-Off – Samsung Apple Sony LG

Written by Delta Computers on December 15, 2015

Phone with Camera Feature or Camera with Phone Feature? These days it’s really hard to tell the difference. Does anyone own a digital camera any-more? With the ever increasing use of social media and photography sharing, editing and production Apps the Phone camera is more important now than ever before. In the last few years we…

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Apple iPad Pro Vs Surface Pro 4 – Head to Head

Written by Delta Computers on December 8, 2015

Apple Empire Strikes Back – iPad Pro Vs Surface Pro 4 Part 1: The Rivalry  Apple and Microsoft have had a rivalry as long as we can remember. Often copying and one-upping each other along the way. One would come out with something, and then the other would claim an improved, better, unique version of…

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Delta’s Holiday Season Facebook Giveaway!

Written by Delta Computers on December 4, 2015

We’re back with Another Giveaway!  Everyone has the potential to win! Here’s a Re-Cap of our last 3 Facebook Giveaways! Giveaway 1 : Patrick Doyle won a Brand New MacBook Air, Kelly Giuppa won a Brand New 60″ TV and Chris Ward won a Brand New Apple iPhone 6 Plus!Giveaway 2 : Nancy Saint won a…

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