Desktop Computer Rentals – Hire OR Rent then Buy

Written by Delta Computers on February 23, 2015

Computer Rentals Perth So what makes Delta the best choice for Computer rentals in Perth? What makes us so different? You may even be thinking “All rental companies are the same, it doesn’t matter”. And that’s where you would be wrong. Delta Computers has been around since 1996! That is before the internet, we legitimately used to…

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Laptop and Notebook Rentals / Hire with Delta Computers

Written by Delta Computers on February 13, 2015

Laptop Rentals in Perth At Delta Rentals we have the best Laptops at the best value prices in Western Australia. We guarantee that you will love not only the product, but the staff and the service as well! Laptop and notebook rentals just make so much sense for so many different people. We have…

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HOT PINK Asus Ultrabook Rental Special!

Written by Delta Computers on February 6, 2015

Every once in a while Delta has an absolute ripper of a deal. For those lucky enough to be reading this, today is one of those days. We have an exceptional and unique Asus Ultra-Book at a crazy price of just $14 per week on our rent then buy plan! This comes with full warranty…

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