Gaming Laptop Hire – Rent to Own at Delta Rentals!

Written by Delta Computers on July 24, 2014

Gaming Laptop Rentals and Hire at Delta One of THE most requested items from our customers is our Specialist Gaming Laptop. We are the only rental company offering this type of impressive gaming experience in portable laptop form. In fact, Delta Computers and Rentals are the only company offering Gaming Systems (both laptops and…

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TV Technology Talk – TV Rentals at Delta

Written by Delta Computers on July 18, 2014

TV Rentals and TV Hire at Delta The progression of technology in TVs is simply outstanding. Delta Computers does so many TV rentals and TV hires┬áthese days that its hard to keep up with them all! At Delta, over the 18 years we have been operating we have seen the evolution from the cathode…

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Desktop Computer Rentals and Hire

Written by Delta Computers on July 10, 2014

Desktop Computer Rentals & PC Hire At Delta Rentals we custom build every one of our computers exactly the way the customer wants and needs. We are the specialists in giving you what you need and being able to tailor make a computer system that is perfect for you. All your requirements are easily…

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Remote Support – The Most Convenient Fixes Yet!

Written by Delta Computers on July 3, 2014

Remote Support Repairs – Next Level IT Service In the past having your computer fixed could be a long and arduous task that could sometimes take forever and a day. In the end whoever you took it to might not have even been able to fix the problem! At Delta Computers we can assure…

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