Plamsa Or LCD TV?

Written by Delta Computers on February 20, 2014

TV Rentals at Delta If you’re in the market for renting a Brand New TV then Delta Rentals is the place for you. We have many different brands and many different sizes to choose from. Whether you are after a Samsung 60″ Full HD LED LCD 3D TV or a 32″ TV for your…

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Maybe Its Time to Upgrade?

Written by Delta Computers on February 12, 2014

Delta are your computer repair experts! Get off XP before April or face higher infection risks. Windows XP is considerably more prone to malware infection than newer operating systems, Microsoft has said. In fact they found that XP’s chances of actually being infected were much higher, compared with Windows 8, XP’s infection rate was almost…

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The Importance of Back-Ups for Business

Written by delta on February 5, 2014

Delta is your expert in Data Backups and Data Recovery Malware and virus writers are after the low-hanging fruit: those who are naive or haven’t heard these warnings enough. The wild mouse clickers. Humans are curious. We all like to think we are invulnerable, but no one is truly safe. We recently investigated how…

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