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70" Ultra High Definition 4K Smart TV

This TV’s 70-inch screen allows you to view images comfortably without getting strained. It features an LED LCD display. You can listen to Internet music stations with the TV’s Smart capabilities. It has Ultra HD video and features a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel screen resolution, so you can make out crisp details in each frame of video. Also, its four HDMI inputs and USB input let you plug into a variety of high-definition devices!

Rent then buy from $39 / week
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ULTRA HD is the next big thing for TVs. Expect this to be standard in the future. At 65″ Ultra HD is a huge draw card, the clarity on the big screen is seriously impressive. Bring all your favourite TV entertainment to life with fine detail and exquisite colour. Enjoy the smart features like the built in web browser, apps and intelligent connectivity all the while appreciating the 4K picture resolution!

Rent then buy from $39 / week
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Budget Beater Special - 60" ULTRA HD Smart TV

This is where the value is. A sophisticated series of Ultra High Definition TVs. High performance multi-core processors will give you unparalleled Smart TV performance and a brilliant UHD picture quality. This is coupled with great connectivity options and a premium design.

Rent then buy from $29 / week
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Panasonic 55" 4K Ultra High Definition TV

This TV features technology that delivers incredibly lifelike UHD 4k picture quality. Watch any movie, sport, disc or streaming app at four times the resolution of Full HD with UHD Upscaling. 4K TV is amazing quality, it is a big step up from full high definition, let alone standard definition!

Rent then buy from $31/ week
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55″ Full HD Smart LED LCD TV ( Other sizes from 32” – 60” Available )

This TV is perfect for that primary TV in the living room! Suitable for multiple purpose usage from sports, movies to general TV. It features a gigantic 55” Full HD LED LCD Screen with Smart TV Features and 100Hz Refresh rate, Dual Core processor, inbuilt wifi, web browser and much more! This is the ultimate in home entertainment.

Rent then buy from $27 / week
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50" Samsung Full HD LED TV

This Samsung is a great TV for those who want something simple and effective. At 50″ it is still large enough to be the main TV in the household, while it also doesn’t break the budget! It features full high definition display that wont disappoint.

Rent then buy from $25 / week
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Bedroom TV

This 32” TV is simply a smaller version of the highest end models out there. It is a full High Definition screen and some models can feature Smart Features with integrated Wi-Fi and USB Hard Drive Recording.

Rent then buy from $14 / week
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2.1ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

We have a big range of Surround Sound Home Theatre, Cabinets, Hard Drive Recorder and BluRay Devices to accompany your Big Screen TV.
For those interested in short term TV Hire we also have an adjustable stand available as an add on, it is ideal for Expos, Conventions and other promotional events!

Rent then buy from $7 / week
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