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Written by Delta Computers on January 13, 2015

Custom Built Gaming PC Desktop Rentals


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At Delta Rentals we believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for second best…. or even worse which is likely if you go to another rental company. Delta Rentals on deals with Technology, we are the experts because that’s all we do. We have 5 full time technicians on hand that are custom building Gaming Desktop Computers each and every day. The level of knowledge these guys possess is beyond compare. Delta should always be your first choice in computer rentals

When we build a Gaming Desktop PC for Rental the choice is in your hands immediately. We have a wide variety of cases on display and ready to choose from. They are as follows below:
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So once you have chosen the case for you Gaming PC Rental  it is time to build it from the ground up.

In no particular order we put in the following components.

Intel i7 Processor (4th Gen)
16Gb RAM 
120Gb Solid State Hard Drive ( Operating System ) 
2Tb Hard Drive ( Data ) 
2Gb GTX760 Video Card 
27″ LED Monitor OR 24” Gaming Monitor
Logitech 2.1 Speakers or Thermaltake Gaming Headset
BluRay Burner 
Gaming illuminated Keyboard 
Gaming Optical Programmable Mouse 
Choice of ATX Gaming Case with 650W PSU 
ATX Mainboard with PCI Express
Windows 8.1

This system will be able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it, and in nearly all cases you should be able to max out the setting on those new games of yours. We have customers who use this sort of system for Battlefield 4, World of Warcraft, Skyrim Online, Diablo, Grid and so much more. This system can play almost anything on Steam effortlessly. 

So why is our system so good?

The answer lies in the combination of components. The Intel i7 CPU is the top of the line processor, couple that with 16GB RAM and a Solid State Drive and you have the makings of a very, very speedy system. Now when we are talking in regard to Gaming specifically, the Graphics Card makes all the difference. The GTX760 has  2GB of GDDR5 Memory Subsytem which features a 256 bit interface that transports data at 6008MHz. This means the card is great for Full HD Gaming and performs admirably on benchmark tests. 

You will find that there is no one in Australia offering the sort of Value packed Rent to Own Gaming Desktops that Delta offers. 


How Gaming PC Rentals Work:

At Delta Rentals we rent Custom Built Gaming PCs for $35.10 per week over 24 months. At the end of the 24 months you have the option to purchase for $120. The equipment is all brand new and covered by warranty over the full period of your rental. There are no Account keeping fees or Bonds. 

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